"Crystal Snow Angel"

"Arrival of the Toys..."

     Fuzzy Butt Doggynews Service with an on-site news report.  Just when you thought toad licking was safe.  Sadly... All this reporter has to say is "What happened to Mr Frog?"  How and what could have removed Mr Frogs....  stuff.  Will the world ever know?  Well, here at Fuzzy Butt we have set up special hidden camera's.  Perhaps we shall see.

Poor Mr Frog...

     Oh no Mr Frog!  Well... Mr Frog not smiling now.  Yikes!  The white snow angel has decided to remove Mr. Frogs private parts!  Ohh this is horrible!  His squeaker may never be the same again.  Perhaps a hospital can sew it back on for him.....

Destroy Mr Frog!

    In the aftermath some said it was a cruel example of prey and predator.  Others said Mr Frog should not have flaunted his squeeker so.  But in the words of  this Fuzzy Butt reporter...   "Ouch!" ;)  

Un Oh 2!

     Hey it's Mr Badger!  The indestructible chew proof badger from Pets Mart!  Yeah!!!! ^-^

Mr Badger!

     Badger:  "Oh my Crystal...  What BIG teeth you got!"  Crystal:" Mmmm... All the better for me to chew you all day with!"

Mr Badger Chew!

     Mr Badger: "Aieeeee!  Crystal what strong legs you got!"  Crystal: "All the better to see how far you stretch! Fun!"

Mr Badger Tug!

     Badger: "I am so glad I am an indestructable toy! ^-^  You want to be my friend?"  and Crystal said: "Oh what a lovely thought!...."   Narrator:  "Yes... Mr Badger did last.  For two whole days.
Crystal bit off his nose, then his feet and finally his hands.  The only piece we have left is the little pink tip of his nose.
I shall post the final pick if we ever do find the remains of his body." ;)

Mr Badger Friend!

     I love to play Frisbee!  The frist time I brought Gene back the frisbee there were a few holes in it...
I have a Frisbee!

     The second time I brought back the frisbee there was a little crack in it.... ;)
Frisbee Wow!

     The third time I brought back the frisbee, Gene got half a frisbee... ;)  I really love playing frisbee! ^-^
Got Frisbee?

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