"Crystal Snow Angel"

"My Buddy..."

     Below you can see me-Crystal, and Gene.  Gene often will take me out to his parents farm.  Gene is my buddy and boy do I like it when we run! ^-^

Run in Back Yard

     Here at the Walter G Sellers apartments is my home and a great place to go walking. :) There are other dogs here at the apartments that I play with.  I like to sniff around and see where they have been.
The woods and trails around the apartment are great for taking walks
Outside the apartment. :)

     We are in the parking lot now about to take a ride.  I LOVE car rides and will go every chance I get!
In the Parking Lot

     We go all kinds of places together.  Here we are at grandmothers for Christmas.
There are lots of kids here and I love to play with other kids. :)
In front of the piano.

     Grandma is playing music in the background and I'm with my buddy Gene.  I do love being with my family.
Listening to music. :)

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